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Garage Sale ?>

Garage Sale

Earlier this year I set out to make a game not based on general inspiration but a specific set of requirements. Those requirements were solely based on what I thought were the properties of a successful or “hit” game. While choosing concepts from that list, I ended up being inspired after all (restrictions tend to do that). Over the course of many months, I made a game that I, and many others, enjoy very much. The game is called Garage…

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Chocolate Factory ?>

Chocolate Factory

Now that the Island Siege Kickstarter campaign is over and the game has been successfully funded, I can move my focus to some of my other designs for awhile. I have finished construction of a prototype for one of my latest designs called Chocolate Factory. It is a game for 2-4 players that lasts about an hour. This particular copy of the game is going out to a publisher for review. Here’s an overview of the game: At a South American…

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