Chocolate Factory

Chocolate Factory

Now that the Island Siege Kickstarter campaign is over and the game has been successfully funded, I can move my focus to some of my other designs for awhile.

I have finished construction of a prototype for one of my latest designs called Chocolate Factory. It is a game for 2-4 players that lasts about an hour. This particular copy of the game is going out to a publisher for review. Here’s an overview of the game:

At a South American plantation players harvest sugar cane and cacao bean, combine the two to make chocolate at a factory, then ship the results to the candy factory where they make and decorate delicious confections! The game play occurs in two distinct halves – the first half occurs at the Plantation Factory, while the second half occurs at the Candy Factory.

This is the Plantation Factory part of the game. When its finished, the board will flip to the Candy Factory.
The game has a lot of double-sided tokens, so this particular prototype took quite awhile to make.
Different recipes call for different ingredients.
Recruit specialist workers to give your production a boost
Recruit specialist workers to give your production a boost

The files to construct a Print ‘n’ Play version of the game are below.

If you are interested in trying the game out, I would be very much interested to hear any feedback you have about the game.


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