Island Siege Kickstarter is Live!

Island Siege Kickstarter is Live!


The Kickstarter campaign for my new game Island Siege is live! The publisher APE Games has done a fantastic job so far in putting the game together. The game will come with some great components like cards with gorgeous artwork, custom metal coins, and mini-meeples (smaller than a regular meeple, but just as cute).

Island Siege is a fast-playing game of fort-building and colonization in the Caribbean Sea. Players build shoreside forts to defend their colonists from attack and to score points. Forts allow you to put colonists in play, which in turn can safely build ships and buildings which provide abilities and points. Attacking allows you to chip away at your opponent’s fort while gaining cubes which are used to build forts of your own. Your goal is to score 20 coins or get all of your colonists in play!

The campaign ends on February 25th and we’re nearly halfway there as of this posting. We’re off to a great start but we need your support! Link



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